Monday, 20 January 2014

He died at 41

Last Saturday, I lost someone who inspired me from a distance. A person whom I never met or spoke to but will wait and listen to him, for few minutes to get inspired before leaving for school when I was a girl. His rise at BBC, was something that always had my heart swelled with pride – the pride of being Ghanaian, the pride of being an African and filled with so much inspiration to make an impact in this our world for he gave me the hope that I can make it. I was in love with his objectiveness, professionalism, his love for his Maker, family, friends, his country, for his continent and for people. So last Saturday, when this Black Star fell, you can imagine the big blow death has given me.

Some news have reported his death as due to a cardiac arrest and other news and posts on Facebook say he struggled with blood pressure which nearly got him to suffer a stroke last year.Only his doctors can tell for sure. But these news caused my public health nutrition mind to think of Non-communicable diseases and to write this post.

Non-communicable diseases which include cardiovascular diseases have become the leading cause of reported deaths globally. Unhealthy lifestyle which includes the list below are their main risk factors.

        1. Poor diet: diets high in fat, high in sugar, high in salt
2      2.  Inadequate physical activity
3      3. Not getting enough rest
4      4. Harmful use of alcohol
5      5. Smoking

Non-communicable diseases impact negatively on the economies of the world as the costs associated with their morbidity and mortalilty are high and hence requiring an urgent need for us to PREVENT them.

As the main risk factors of non-communicable diseases are lifestyle choices, we can prevent them by modifying any unhealthy behaviour we may be engaging in, by;

1       1. Cutting down on our salt intake, at most 6g/day.
2       2.  Including small amount of food high in fat and sugar to our diet.
3       3.   Including more fruits and vegetables in our diet, at least 5 different fruits and vegetables a day.
4       4.  Reading food labels to know the amount of food nutrient, a food product will be contributing to our diet.
5     5.  Getting and staying physically active, at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity in a week. 
       6. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep in 24 hour period.
7     7.  If you drink, not doing so above the recommended amount (read more here)
8     8.   If you smoke, seeking help to quit.
9     9. Regularly going for medical check-up, among others.

My Black star who I am bidding farewell today, who in my heart will live, and continually inspire me to be better and to help build a new Africa, died at 41. He accomplished a lot . How I wish he could still enjoy life to the fullest and live it to the longest to continually impact the youth of Africa towards a new Africa. But I know, he has left a great legacy and posterity will always remember him.

Fare thee well you who has inspired me for more over 10 years, fare thee well you who gave me hope of a new Africa, Fare thee well Gallant Black Star, The Hope of Africa, Fare thee well the Boss Player.

Till we meet again, rest in peace.

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Sandra Boadi said...

thanks for the health talk and R.I.P the fallen black star, you greatly impacted many's life and we will live to remember you

Olime Health said...

You're welcome Sandra.... Yes Komla has indeed impacted my lives

Fate Korku said...

Hello Sr. Irene, this points to reason that, the best of men can not defend their fate;
The good die early and the bad die late.

Olime Health said...

Hello Fate, thanks for the read. I doubt this is altrue, anyone can die early. Also we can and should protect our health.

Felix Fate Korku said...

Precisely, my good sister. Gratitude.

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