Thursday, 26 December 2013

This season of giving

Hello My Cherished readers,

Happy Holidays!!! I hope you are enjoying the holidays as I am. I promised myself not to disturb you with anything readable this festive season as it is all about everything eatable and drinkable. But this season involves giving, so I hope you will not mind me writing this post to give you my best wishes for the season. My cherished reader, I will like to use this season and this post to say thank you for your support, I really appreciate it and to give you my very best for this season. I also thought, in the spirit of giving we could all give something back to our society, our world.

As you may be aware, during this season, there is often plenty to eat to make the season memorable. But where there is plenty, excess is inevitable. Unfortunately, the likelihood of food excess from our parties/lunches/dinners in this season going waste is somehow high – the scarping of food into the bin, the improper preservation of food from party/dinner’s leftovers which eventually end in the bin, to mention but a few. I know we do not intentionally set out to waste food and this is why I believe we can intentionally minimize food waste during this season and indirectly give the 870 million people facing hunger in the world due to one or more reasons (you can read more from here) food to eat by following the steps below.

  1. Knowing the number and nature of stomachs we will be cooking for during this season’s parties and/or dinners. If you have no idea, then step 2 will help you.
  2. Preserving leftover food properly so it is in the best condition to be eaten.
  3. Find out how you can make different dishes from your leftovers.

I will not bore you with many steps but if you will like to know more that is if you have noticed following even these 3 steps above will save you some money then click here.

As I did not  want to write anything during this eatable and drinkable season, I will keep this post short but remember, in this season of giving, we should not give food to non-living things (bins, dumps etc) but to a living person.

Thank you.

Continue to enjoy the holidays.

Happy Holidays once again.


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