Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The little things that we do

Luxury, comfort, fast-track are all words we love. Is it any surprise to know technology has been welcomed so well into our homes, workplaces etc? With just a touch of a button, we have moved from the ground floor to the 5th floor within seconds. By just appearing in front of a door, it opens and by just walking into a building, the lights are turn on. Photonics, my expert friend tells me it is. A touch of a button and our laundry is done, our food cooked and warmed. In fact, it looks as though the world has become; a world of a touch of buttons. How lives have become fast-track and comfortable? And O! Who would let go the luxury of fast cars, trains etc to walk only to become tired? I could go on and on about how technology has made our lives simple, easy, fast, comfort etc but I know you are already aware so I would spare you the long talk.

The question on my mind is; has technology become a good servant or a bad one? Don’t get me wrong. I love technology but with the world getting more sedentary and consequently raising the prevalence of overweight and obesity among all age groups, I only have one choice i.e. to wonder if technology is the cause of our predicament or our lifestyle choices? For instance, why would a person on the ground floor of a building take the elevator to the first floor? Why would someone choose a 2-minute bus drive over a 10-minute walk when he/she is not late? Why have we taken an addiction to pre-cook meals and habitually ordering of meals when we have ample time to get into the kitchen to cook? Why have we developed an addiction to car rides and not walks in the parks? Why are the cycling lanes not full of cyclists but the roads are are full of drivers? Why……..

I can guess your answer, “I don’t have time. Time is money, don’t you know that?” I pray soon you wouldn’t have to make time for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc and spend the money you made while “saving time” on them. Having a normal BMI (18.5 -24.9) hasn’t only got to do with eating the required amount of food your body needs or opting for low caloric food but also been physically active  and making good lifestyle choices.
Take note, physical activity is not synonymous to exercise; exercise is part of physical active. Just know that, sometimes it is those little things that we do that makes us stay active and fit. But remember not to rule out exercise.

Beginning today, let’s make a conscious effort to walk, take the stairs, cook, etc. At the end, technology is only a servant that needs to be checked and not a master that has to check us.


Ekow Simpson said...

Good work. thanks

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