Wednesday, 6 November 2013

I watched him the entire night

dinner-party-games-girls-1.1-800x800I could not take my eyes off him, the moment the girls and I entered this classy restaurant to celebrate my birthday. Yeah, I had to mention the classy bit to let you know how my purse was crying that evening. How I comforted the purse for the rest of the month is another story all together. Now where was I? Aha! So like I was saying, I had been watching this young man since the time I sat for dinner. It was not only his good looks, charming smile or…errrmmm I will end the list here, just know looks and smile are dependent on a person’s taste, but also the bottles on his table.

Those bottles which I believe was a litre in volume each, containing a percentage of alcohol,  my not very good eagle eyes could capture were all nearly empty. It got me wondering if this good looking gentleman with a charming smile knows there is a daily alcohol intake stipulated by the experts for him or he just can’t be bothered.

Hmmm, I would have loved to use his alcohol intake as an opportunity to get to know him ;) but for this equally beautiful and charming young lady he sat at the table with to share those bottles I just sat down and watched them both but him more. Obviously, unlike poles attract :) . For this lady I guess her alcohol intake on this occassion clearly indicates she really understands and appreciate the Beijing Conference.

The least I could do was to take a leaf of my sweet scented notepad and write this  with my equally sweet scented pen. So pleasant was the fragrance, the lady with whom he shared his table gave me ‘the stay off my man’ look when the waiter gave him my note. Knowing what I wrote in the note, I was the least perturbed.

As we passed by his table after paying for that expensive dinner, he gently grabbed my hand, gave me his charming smile and said “Meet my sister  (with an emphasis )and can I have your number as we especially me, would love to talk more about this note”. I couldn’t believe my blessing as I pulled out  my business card and it was in pulling out my business card did it dawn on me that, he is now a client :( , so….too bad yeah? I know.

Anyway, what can I say, there is a risk with every job but that shouldn’t stop us from doing it. And as you love your job like  i do mine, I know you will understand why I look forward to hearing from them to talk about alcohol intake.


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