Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Speculations, rumours, any iota of truth

The season is over but the reason for the season still lives on. During the season, I couldn’t help but notice how people celebrated it and the decisions they made with the hope of correcting these decisions in one way or the other. As it comes with the season, there were lots to eat and drink and most people if not all forgot to eat in moderation. “Let’s eat and drink for the season is annual”, many said. For others, it was “let’s eat and drink because once the season ends, the head pastor would declare a 30-day fasting period, perhaps, we can use that to lose the weight we might gain (hmmm, I hope head pastors do not read this)”. For those in the orthodox Churches, their hope of losing weight would be during The Lent period. And for others, they might have to wait for their spiritual emphasis months (dear reader, please note I am in no way implying fasting is a period of losing weight, some actually maintain their weight during fasting periods, lol).

Yet still there was another group, the students, who wouldn’t miss this season to put on some flesh since studies have left them looking undernourished (this would be a great concern for public health nutritionist you know?). And for another group, they boycotted keep fit clubs, gyms, jogging and anything exercise. “Who would want to exercise during this season?” They rhetorically asked. For them, their consolation was in the fact that, once the season is over, they would gather more vim to start these activities again or wait for institutions and organizations to organize physical activity programmes like ICGC Life Walk, Nestle Milo Marathon to partake in them. This, they believe would bring them back into shape. For others, their workplace activities  would make up for loses in their physical activity level.

Whatever their motivation was, I cannot tell but only speculate. All I know is this; is human nature to indulge oneself once in awhile especially when the opportunity presents itself and find quick fix solution to avert the consequences if any should arise.

Another season would soon come in the not too distant future. I wonder if they would eat their ‘bodies’ out even though that season would require a sober reflection of one’s life. I can only imagine so I sit here like the keen observer enjoying the mundane activities of life.


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