Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Diary of an international student 2

Dear Diary,S
In my first post, I told you about the amount of local food the international student has packed and how he has made searches on Google for shops that sell local foodstuff. Can you blame her Diary? From childhood, her taste habitation have only known these foods and since this taste habitation have developed into adulthood, the only foods it recognizes are those packed in the suitcases and sold at the international shops.

Is it then any wonder a friend of this international student who has been missing out on some local foods due to the unavailability of shops in the town he is learning in couldn’t take it any longer, he travelled to visit her and some other colleagues just to get some local food to eat? His hunger for local food was so obvious, one of the team members that hosted him exclaimed “I now know why A was always itching to visit us,  just see how aggressive he was …oh poor banku and tilapia in the hands of visiting A…LOL  (unedited). Another also said “when it comes to food, I will vote for A go go go my man (unedited).”

These students really enjoy their local food and I think it would take a very long time for them to try out dishes from the Land they are studying. Why do I say this; read what one wrote; Students shall not live by books alone; every ball of banku also counts (unedited).

International student, I know your taste habitation is used to these local foods but if you have been very courageous to taste the education of a foreign land why not its food? It would be difficult at the beginning just like your studies (fitting into a new system of education) but with time you would definitely get use to it. Variety always spices up life.

Did I hear you O! International student say, “You would bring Asanka Delight to this foreign land?” Diary, I guess we have a long time to wait to reformation.

Till my paparazzi bring you the next story on how the EU’s decision to stop the importation of Tuna from the homeland of this international student nearly caused him to be admitted, it’s cheers!


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